Contest for learning unit testing and CFML with ColdFusion Koans

March 8, 2012 by Mike Henke    No Comments
Posted under: ColdFusion · MXUnit

I finally went through the ColdFusion Koans (CFK) a couple weekends ago. It was a great experience. I learned more about CFML along with MXUnit.

Ryan Anklam and the ColdFusion Show are extending a contest for an ColdFusion ORM ebook.

Basically, complete the koans, snap a picture and upload it to google plus, any of the many twitter picture hosting sites, or some place else then comment on the latest eposide of the ColdFusion Show with a link to the picture. You could do a screenshoot also. The winner for the ORM ebook will be randomly selected from entries.

Another way is to help with the Koans project. Fix a typo, add a test, fix a ticket – anything is encouraged small or large.

Here is a testimonial from a co-worker. Nic is a network admin and wanted to learn a little bit more about ColdFusion servers and CFML programming since he is supporting the infrastructure. I pointed him to CFML in 100 mins and the CFK project. He emailed me this after completing the CFK:


CFK was a very informative set of lessons; there are two of them which I don't completely understand. I'm going to shoot through CFML in 100 minutes tonight so I should be good to go for tomorrow.